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The Museo portfolio brings you an award-winning selection of inkjet coated rag papers that feel and exude luxury.

Every time you open a box or roll of one of our Museo Rag products, you are accessing over 200 years of image quality innovation that will enhance your art and provide you the results you have been looking for.

Museo Fine Art papers are crafted to meet the highest of standards for long-term life and gallery use.

Each of our award-winning paper offers a breathtaking level of attention to detail that will let you achieve the color depth, density, gamut and tonal range that you seek.


After almost 30 years of making Museo fine art rag papers, many things have changed.  One thing remains the same; our commitment to you!

With that, we have decided to close the gap between us.  Museo products will now be sold exclusively by Museo in North America.  Products will be available here at and

Our hope and expectation is that bringing us closer together will allow us to build off each others creativity, vision and success.  This change will also allow us to increase inventory levels, shorten lead times and give you more access to our scientists, our paper makers and our technical support team.

We hope you make the transition with us and we can build our futures together.